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Fry’s Food & Drug Rolling Hills Shopping Center

Re: Letter of Recommendation
Fry’s #33 – Rolling Hills Shopping Center
Landscape Redevelopment Project

Dear Gale,

Pursuant to our discussion today regarding the landscape and shopping center redevelopment work… I would like to take this opportunity to endorse the quality work that Maly & Associates performed on the above referenced shopping center.

In 1996, Fry’s first worked with Maly & Associates through our landlord, R.C.C. Property Advisers. In conjunction with Fry’s expansion remodel, R.C.C. contracted with you for a complete renovation of the shopping center landscaping. This work was completed at a time when contractors were working on the expansion of the Fry’s building, a retrofit of the parking lot lighting and an overlay of the parking lot.

Your ability to coordinate your installations without incident while advising Fry’s and R.C.C. of other problem areas in the construction was impressive. This installation was done flawlessly and followed up with full warranty. The bottom line is the center looks great and all parties are very pleased with your design, installation and maintenance.

Possibly you should consider renaming your company to “First Choice”, as the next time Fry’s needed contract maintenance and ever since, Maly & Associates has been our first choice. Because you have proven yourself to us, Fry’s has confidence enough to refer you to Landlords and Property Managers.

We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship and thank you for your efforts.

Very truly yours,

Real Estate Representative

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