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Just For Feet Shoe Store

Re: Job Performance

Dear Gale,

I first would like to start by apologizing for the delay of this letter for your company, Maly & Associates. I hope that it is not too late.

I understand from our conversations, that a potential client is interested in your past performance with large commercial jobs. This letter will hopefully show your potentially new client that Maly & Associates is a wonderful firm, along with allowing me the chance to thank you and your company for all the great work.

Gale, with Maly & Associates, has been the General Contractor and Project manager on several Just For Feet Retrofit and Remodel jobs in the past year. I have always received an unusually high level of performance and cooperation from Gale, along with all of her associates, employees and co-workers. They’ve conducted themselves in a professional, organized and timely manner. All jobs, Maly & Associates have been rewarded were completed on or before the deadline date and with an exceptional level of quality.

It has and will be in future jobs an absolute pleasure to do business with Gale, Maly & Associates. I can always count on her jobs running smooth and on time. I hope that my views on Maly & Associates only shows you one thing, they are the General Contractor to go with if you are wanting the job done right and on time.



Construction & Development/Project Manager of Retrofits and Remodels

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